Foshan Xinruilai Lighting & Electrical Co. is a widely respected designer and manufacturer of high quality and high reliability LED lighting products. We produce LED forklift lights, LED work lights, LED light bars, and LED driving lights that can be attached to certain vehicles. Our lights are designed to offer brilliant lighting in demanding applications, such as heavy construction sites and mines. Reliability is extremely important in these situations and our lights can be counted on to create a safe and effective workplace. We offer full OEM and ODM services in addition to our excellent line of LED lights. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!
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Main Products
    1. Blue Forklift Safety LED Light
    2. Blue Forklift Safety LED Light The lights adopt double insulated silicone cable whose insulation layer is made of silica gel and it can work in the environment of -40~80 ℃.
    1. Forklift Red Zone Warning Light
    2. Forklift Red Zone Warning Light The light cover is made of PC material which has good light transmittance and also shows anti-impact and anti-collision properties.
    1. Forklift LED Strobe Light
    2. Forklift LED Strobe Light The light is put in dust or sand and after 48 hours it's taken out and can still work normally. Temperature and humidity test: 80℃, 70%.
    1. Forklift LED Headlight
    2. Forklift LED Headlight The back shell is made of die casting aluminum material with good heat dissipation, which can prevent LEDs from light decay after working for a long time.
    1. Forklift Combination LED Light
    2. Forklift Combination LED Light Forklift combination LED light is equipped with 40.5W amber LEDs, 42W red LEDs and 9 white LEDs. By switching lights of different colors, the functions of reversing light ...
    1. Square LED Work Light
    2. Square LED Work Light The work lights must pass series of test items including temperature and humidity test, dust test, random vibration test, mechanical shock test and low pressure waterproof test ...
    1. LED Driving Light
    2. LED Driving Light LED driving light has good dustproof and waterproof performances. Its waterproof rating is IP67 and it can prevent water even in 1 meter of depth.
    1. Straight LED Light Bar
    2. Straight LED Light Bar Our products have passed EU Waterproof certification with waterproof rating of IP67, CE certification and ROHS certification.
    1. Curved LED Light Bar
    2. Curved LED Light Bar Curved LED light bar has two types of LEDs: 3W and 10W. LED quantity can be chosen according to customers' needs and the places to be used in.